This basic vintage film camera makes me extremely happy. Let me share my experience with you, and also photos!

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

We are all mobile photographers but do you really know the basics that can change a lot? — Check the 5 basic rules.

Photo by Alec Cooks on Unsplash

There are several types of films, and before starting to shoot, it is better to get familiar with them.

Photo by the author.

Colour Negative

I have to learn German, and I don’t have years but months. I think the most beneficial way to learn German lies on the internet.

Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash


Riverdale’s Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones show us that another, better relationship is possible.

Image courtesy of the CW.

Recently, I started to improve my Instagram photography, and you can do the same. Let’s start!

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Check your camera settings

  1. Choose the biggest size and MP.

Do we know what this “write every day" phenomenon means? I had no clue till my supervisor taught me.

Fatma Edemen on Instagram.

How many times can you arrest a journalist? My dear friend and colleague Pınar detained on January 14, and unfortunately, she is only one of the hundreds of journalists detained and arrested in Turkey.

Photo by the author.

The turning point

Fatma Edemen

Journalist & PhD Candidate at UJ Kraków // IG: fatmaedemen & filmy.35mm

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